School Council

The Bridgetown High School Council works with the Principal in strategy, planning, budgetary and policy areas, helping to ensure that the school is operating correctly and is compliant with Department of Education policy and procedures.

The board is made up of the Principal, a staff representative, a P&C representative and community representatives.

Current Members

Belinda Meehan - 0427 0860419 or

Ian McGuire - 0418 633 339 or

Craig Goulder - 0408 876 232

Moira Tough - 0402 538 451

Jodi Dagg - 0407 985 327

The current School Council Chairperson is Tammy Beswick. If you would like to contact Tammy, please complete this form or feel free to call her on 0438 003 842 or email

School Council Contact Form