Country Week

Every year since 2018 students in Years 8, 9 and 10 have the opportunity to attend Countryweek. Held in Perth, country sporting teams from high schools around the state meet for a week of friendly competition and activities. Accompanied by Bridgetown High School staff, our students choose to participate in a variety of sports during Countryweek. Expressions of interest are obtained from students and then the Health and Physical Education (HAPE) staff will select the best possible teams based on ability. Try-outs may be part of this process if student numbers require. This process will take place during Terms 1 and 2.

As this camp is sporting based and students selected are representing the school at a state wide event, the following requirements are also a prerequisite for selection and participation in Country Week.

  • Work in all subjects to be completed to an acceptable level.
  • 80% attendance at school.
  • Practical physical ability, skills in physical education to be at an acceptable level.
  • 80% attendance and participation in physical education classes.
  • Behaviour – Placement in buddy classes/internal and external suspensions, persistent non-compliance with the school dress code will all be taken into consideration in student selection.

If teachers are not confident that a student will be a positive asset to the Country Week group, the student will not be permitted to go.

The cost of Countryweek varies slightly from year to year, and many students undertake personal fundraising activities to contribute towards their Countryweek costs.

Swimming Carnival

The House Swimming Carnival is an annual event held at the newly constructed Bridgetown Swimming Pool. Preparation for the carnival begins at the start of Term 1 and is a maximum participation event. It is a highly competitive, fun day for everyone involved.

Athletics Carnival

In Term 4 training commences for our Athletics carnival which is held at the Bridgetown Sporting Ground later in the term. This is one of our most coveted events on the calendar with students eager to beat very long standing School records.

School Assemblies

A formal whole school assembly takes place at the end of every term. The purpose of each assembly is to recognise student and staff achievements, highlight events that have taken place and showcase the many talents of our students. Presented by members of the Student Leadership Team, end of term assemblies are an excellent opportunity for parents and guardians to join with us as we celebrate the term that was.

Year 6 to 7 Transition and Orientation

Year 6 to 7 Transition

A transition programme is held each year for students from our four feeder primary schools who will transition from Year 6 in the current year to Year 7 the following year.  It begins in Term Two when our future Year 7 students attend Bridgetown High School for several mornings and then culminates in a full two day transition in early December. During the transition programme, students experience a taste of high school and what Bridgetown High School can offer them. Students have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the high school environment, meet some of the teachers they are likely to have the following year and also meet students from other primary schools.

Prospective parents are also invited to a Parent Information Evening and tour of the school in Term Two.

Orientation Day/s

During the first week of school each year, our new Year 7 students participate in Orientation Days.

Students partake in team building activities and games, as well as becoming more familiar with our school and staff. Activities are specifically designed to develop self-confidence as well as group work skills. Participation in these days are invaluable and allow your child to meet and mix with a variety of other students in their year group, as well as get to know the teachers who will be teaching them.

Year 10 Mystery Tour of Life

Each year, our Year 10 students take part in the Roadwise Mystery Tour of Life. This is a very worthwhile event that alerts Year 10 students to the potential dangers of driving. The exact format of the day remains a secret to maximise impact, however the Year 9/10 Team Leader can provide parents and guardians with specific information before the day if required.

Special thanks always goes to our Shire, local police, hospital and emergency services volunteers for all their hard work in planning, and running the event.

A few weeks after the event our local police make a follow-up visit to the school to debrief with the Year 10s and answer any questions that they may have, once they’ve had a chance to process what they saw and learnt on the day.

Year 10 Graduation

Each year we celebrate the culmination of 4 years of study at Bridgetown High School with a Graduation Dinner, followed a few days later by a Graduation Ceremony. These are special occasions for us all and provide us with the opportunity to say farewell to our graduating Year 10 students and wish them all the best for the future.

Local Events

Check out the Bridgetown-Greenbushes Visitor Centre website for helpful information about local events