Homework and Laptop

The amount of homework that students should do is frequently a matter of concern for parents and guardians. The following guidelines should assist by giving an indication of the homework expected of a student who aims to be academically successful.

Work at home consists of:

  • homework set for the night and / or work not completed in class;
  • work on assignments that are due at a later date;
  • frequent revision of past work and studying for tests or examinations;
  • reading of reference material and set English books; and
  • reading material that is going to be covered in class.

Suggestions for developing and improving study:

  • Have a designated area set aside for study - preferably for study only.
  • Make up a study timetable, set aside a regular time each day for study, and let nothing interfere with it.
  • Try to give study your full attention. Endeavour to develop the habit of concentration.
  • Allow time for extra work on subjects that you find more challenging.
  • Useful aids for study include diagrams, sketches, notes, summaries, working on examples, writing passages from memory, creating headings and writing lists of names and formulae.